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Perfection is a Matter of Perspective

If you have worked in a wood shop for any amount of time, even if it is not apparent to others, you can and will see flaws in your workmanship. To some this is an excuse to call it quits and you may say to yourself, “I don’t have the talent or ability to complete my project.” If you are like me, these are the times when you get down on yourself and become frustrated because of your lack of ability.

Everything I have learned and mastered to a degree in the wood shop, has been because of the teaching, example, and knowledge of someone who has been on this path before me. As I have tried to improve to the point of “perfection” I have learned perfection is a matter of perspective.

One of the joys of being a parent is seeing your children learn and progress. As I see a toddler try to walk for the first time, I am not disappointed when they fall. I see them get back up and try again and again. There is joy in witnessing this process to perfection.

In the wood shop

I can find great satisfaction in becoming a better craftsman project by project. It is a blessing to see the flaws in your life. It gives us the ability to learn and enjoy the process of becoming “perfect”. I can still smile at some of the “perfect” projects I completed decades ago. These experiences have given me a different perspective on perfection.

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