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Stop and Reset

Calibration is especially important in a wood shop. Your project can have major problems if your equipment is off by just a fraction.

One day on the job site it seemed that everything was going wrong. It wasn’t anything big, but a bunch of little things were just off. After battling item after item for a couple of hours, dad came up to me and said, “Let’s shut it down, have everyone go home for the day.” It was only about ten o’clock in the morning. Dad explained we would get more complete tomorrow if we reset today. Sure enough, the next day was much better. Things just fell in line. It was like we were better prepared for the day.

Just as we need to re-calibrate the tools in the wood shop, or “shut down” the job site, we need to stop and reset our lives. Over the years I have learned to reset my life with a date night with my sweetheart, spending time with family, or just sitting back listening to music.

It seems I am more organized and prepared for the next day when I have taken the time to reset and calibrate.

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