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Time to Heal

In the wood shop you need to expect a sliver, cut, or bruise. Safety minded as you may be, this will happen to you. I have not had any major injuries over my decades in the shop, but I have had my share of slivers, cuts, and bruises.

I noticed when I was younger, these minor injuries would heal quickly. My immune system was working well. But as I have gotten a bit older, I have noticed I do not heal as quick. My immune system has worn down over time.

As a child I was oblivious to the problems of the world around me. It is not that the world was perfect, but my perspective was narrowed to “my” immediate needs. What a wonderful childhood. I got older in time, and my perspective was broadened to the trials of life. As more responsibility and trials were in my path, life wasn’t as easy. It seamed to take longer to get over things. My child like emotional immune system was replaced.

All of us need to take time to heal. Not just our bodies, but our minds and emotions. Especially with social media, our world looks even worse. Take time to remove the “emotional sliver” from your world. Put in its place those things that are most important, family, friends, and faith.

As I am older, I need to help my immune system to heal my body. The same is true for my emotional health, by letting go of those things I cannot control, or things I should not worry about in the first place.

Just a thought. I have wondered many times if the Savior learned about the miracle of healing in the wood shop. He must have seen how the body could heal itself, and imagined what principles are behind this great gift. Just thinking…

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