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Take Time to Ponder During Hard Times

Have you ever worked so hard in life, then out of nowhere a major setback happens? (Or so it seems at the time) Growing up with a great father who taught me to sit back and ponder on my situation, to take time and let the disappointment or heartache soften. He said, “You will be amazed at the answers that will come to your mind and heart”.

The first photo below shows what most people would see as a hopeless situation beyond repair as one of my students at SLCC had while building his acoustic guitar. At first glance, you would think of just throwing it in the trash and starting over. But this is the time to sit back and ponder.

As I have taken the time to understand my problems, and to sit back and ponder, answers have come to my mind. My answer may come from knowledge and experience. But it may come with an impression to ask an outside source. Either way, be slow to throw out, and quicker to think it through.

If we approach life’s trials with hope looking for knowledge and wisdom from the light we have been given, we may gain our greatest blessings. Look at the second photo to see what is possible if you think it through. It is hard to believe it is the same guitar. Great job Chris Andrus


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